Safe opening in Ibiza


Do you have problems with your safe? We open or recover the password of your safe on the spot. 

We open safes in companies and private homes

Experts in opening all types of safe deposit boxes

Our locksmiths in Ibiza are experts in opening safes in Ibiza, repairs, locks and key duplication. We work with the most reputable brands on the market because we are professionals in the field of locksmiths, both in your home and business.

We have qualified, professional and expert staff in the field of locksmithing, specialised in opening all types of safes in Ibiza. We are able to deal with even the most complicated problem in the comfort of your home or business. You don't have to bring the safe to our offices, with just one call we will be on site to solve your problem!


We have the most varied stand of safes, keys for your home or business and locksmiths that will mark the security. We only work with the best brands. Guaranteed quality


Our technical service works 365 days a year. We have the best trained staff and are at your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Have you forgotten the password to open your safe?
Don't worry, we can help you. The process is simple and in just a few minutes you will be able to recover your documents and valuables.

Do you have an Emergency?

We solve any problem quickly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Request an estimate without obligation

The best option for opening, repairing or moving your safe in Ibiza

We are experts in handling all types of safes with hundreds of services carried out in Ibiza and Formentera. But if you are still not convinced you want to come to us, don't worry, we can give you many extra reasons why our safe opening, maintenance, installation or removal service is the best you will find.



Professional safes are designed for your company. These safes work as a vault, as inside, they have 2 other boxes for the safekeeping of your valuable belongings. These safes are the maximum security for your most valuable belongings.


Domestic saf es are perfect for your home, office and hotel rooms. These safes are easy to install, and of course, at Cerrajeros En Ibiza we have a wide range of domestic safes for you to have peace of mind.


Sometimes, cheap is expensive, because in some cases, it is done with bad tools or with people who are not very well trained. But with us, there is no doubt that our work is not only economical, but also excellent.


Contact us and without any problem and as quickly as possible, we will give you the answers to all your questions regarding our services and the methods used. You can ask anything you want without fear of being ignored.

Technical service for safes

  • Opening of doors
  • Assembly of domestic and industrial doors
  • Duplication of keys for home or office use
  • Technical advice by telephone or in person
  • Troubleshooting problems related to door atrophy
  • Key tips glued to locks
  • Change of locks
  • Safe maintenance service

We only work with the best shutter brands

Do you have problems with your safes?

Request your free, no-obligation quote to open, repair, maintain or move your safe.

Immediate solutions at the best priceFree, no-obligation quotation

Many businesses and homeowners rely on safes for protection and security. Safes depend on a safe locksmith to keep things running smoothly. Many safes should have preventive maintenance done once a year or more often if they are used frequently. Having a safe and expert locksmith you can trust is important to value and having your safe serviced is a great way to save money in the long run. It is much easier to repair while the safe door is open.

In Cerrajeros en Ibiza we can open your locked safe. Whether or not it has a combination, roulette, digital keypad, numeric keypad, fingerprint or any type of safe lock. If you have lost the combination or the combination you have does not work, we can help you. We open all types of safes from small fire safes to large safes and gun safes.

Has an employee left the combination to your safe or the key? It is a good time to change the combination whenever an employee or household employee leaves the home or business. You should urgently change the combination of the safe and the entry lock. This helps to prevent people from discovering the code thoroughly when they already have one or more numbers. Be safe and keep the combination up to date and have the safe checked every year.

Our company of Locksmiths in Ibiza, apart from having proven experience in the assembly and maintenance of all types of doors and locks has an urgent twenty-four hour service available to assist our customers. We are the best team, the most prepared that will give you the help you require. Once you come to us, you won't want to think about relying on any other locksmith service.

If you need your safe to be opened or have an emergency safe opening situation where you lost the combination, we will open your safe. In a situation that requires a safe to be drilled, the safe will be opened by a qualified and skilled technician.

Call us today for a repair, opening or removal of your safe.

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